Monday, 23 March 2009

figuring things out

it's really rewarding to get a computer fixed by a man who speaks no english. i think my spanish gets better. it's the little things.

in other news, went to madrid, toledo, the ebro delta, mnac, santa maria del mar, a girl talk concert. couch surfed with paul and slept a night in an airport. saw the most crowded club i've ever seen in my entire life. also said some dumb things and kinda embarrassed myself on a couple of occasions.

in other news, another embarrassing thing, the amount of brand new i've been listening to, and the amount of the office i've been watching. it started when the weather got nicer and peaked when i saw guernica (the br&new), and peaked when i was on a travel mania on trains and boats and planes, and subsided when i finished all seasons (the oficina).

independencia. viva la huelga.

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