Sunday, 25 January 2009


Went to an orchestra concert, the conductor was Anna's family friend

The beautiful beautiful ceiling at the Palau de Musica

These two played piano together. They were great. He had a mullet

Blurry- Giselle and I accidentally wearing matching outfits

it was so windy here yesterday, 6 people were killed by the wind and lots of things were closed and all of the street signs and motos were knocked over. it was a change from the almost perfect weather that's been happening every day

everyone goes to Paris on Thursday but Anna and i are going to couch surf in Brussels for some reason instead. we isolate ourselves and camp out with Paulie and Giselle and do things like go to orchestra concerts or sit by ourselves with nice Spanish people from the floor at lunch. after lunch we walked around the Barri Gotic and got amazing pastries and coffee. that mostly sums up a good portion of my trip so far. plus making a fool out of myself because i relentlessly speak Spanish even though people reply in English because i'm so terrible. i improve after sangria

tomorrow my Universitat Pompeu Fabra classes start. they're taught in Spanish, which should also improve my language skills. i hope. ojala. also hope that they're great and wonderful and i learn all about where i am

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