Wednesday, 21 January 2009

There is no congruence to my photos

FC Barca
The bathroom at the bar in which we watched the inauguration

every day i wake up here very happy, wanting to explore and learn. it's amazing. i don't know if it's the palm trees, the parrots, the art in the street and in museums, the people i've met, the architecture, or just the shock of being somewhere new (none of which is represented by these two photos), but i really have been happy. happy and eager to see more, yet tired from constantly exploring and not really utilizing siesta time to its fullest. siesta to me is still a mystery.. can't believe it's real.

i also can't believe Park Guell. it's unreal and too good for words so i won't even try, i'll just remind myself to post photos another time. i would love to go there with someone, ,just spend all day watching the city and the people and tomando el sol.

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