Wednesday, 10 February 2010

con boca abierta

i worked in a coffee store for over two years, and probably drink a cup or more a day. heck, i even did a report on it and was in the growing hope group at school. and, finally, i visited an organic coffee farm, and saw all of the steps from little red berry on a tree to little expensive cup in your hand.

it was so great.

i was thinking that i wanted to be in the city for april, but after seeing this family and their way of life on this hill, with their garden and chickens and dogs and cows and horses and coffee and tons of land, i have started to rethink things.

like, i mean, check out this plant growing in a microwave!

i thought that after laura won the presidency, all would be quiet. but, because i live across the street from a bar, i still hear the crackling of the bouncer's walkie talkie, i occasionally hear the drunk quarrel, the screeching wheels of an intoxicated driver, and i just witnessed a group of dudes wearing big fluffy white hats (think jerremiguire) singing "day-O" and "feliz cumpleanos". also, two nights ago was this little earthquake which did nothing more than shake my room and light fixture and make all the alarms of every car on my block go off. it was awesome.

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