Saturday, 6 February 2010

global weirding

the classes are great and the people here are great. the food trumps all, and there are puppies at ever turn.

i guess there is a downside, for the first time in my life someone tried to rob me. it took place at 6:45 am, on my corner, on the way to the volcano. i was with 3 other students. it was the scariest thing. he said, in english, to give him my ipod, that he had a knife. a cab happened to pull up, and the other students and i got in and rode away safely, without any confrontation or giving him anything. he probably only learned the smallest amount of english and i don't think anything could have happened, but it was mad scary to almost be burgled before 7am.

aside from that little setback, i guess everything else is great. Poas, the volcano we went to today, was really beautiful. For some reason it was also great weather.

tomorrow is the election for the president and it's been nutso here so far. the streets are filled with cars yielding the flag of their party, and honking. this probably won't stop until a winner is decided- hopefully tomorrow.

my house mom here is wonderful. she cleaned bluberry, which is kind of scary. she calls him "fresa"- strawberry.

this is the table that i sit at for spanish class

i'm going to go to church tomorrow with my family here and then watch the two great sports, football and politics.

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