Sunday, 28 March 2010

mujeres fuertes

rice farming, clamming, women's groups, UN money, eco-tourism, wildlife reintroduction, national parks, migration and immigration, education, wildfires, bugbites and mangrove scratches and flat tires and ocelots.

this country is so immense. it's so diverse. by tuesday i need to chose my idea for my independent study but i feel like there's so much (and so little i can do in under 4 weeks!) and everything is so different.

i am much too interested in the thing that i just learned. too fickle to pick something. it's why i love everything. i love the women who drink coffee and patrol their waters to make sure that outsiders don't come to catch their fish late at night. i love the man who realized that letting cattle walk the wetlands during the dry season will prevent forest fires. i love the girl who wants so badly to go to high school but who can't because her mom is scared to let her go. i love the sunset in guanacaste and the busride listening to 80s music. i love cutting mohawks on people who should not have mohawks and i love the fact that in a week i will be setting out, to pause my ADD, to focus on something, to get to know some people doing some amazing things.

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