Tuesday, 30 March 2010

to grow

isn't it weird (that i think it's weird) that all of our food comes from.. food? from the earth? i never thought about it. i never knew what a rice plant was. what a mango tree looked like. that there was more than one type of cilantro. that a yucca can grow so large. that clamming is difficult. that trolling is so bad. that there are many types of sugar cane but they all taste the same (once processed). that shrimp are so bad for the environment. that duck eggs are edible. that cows here have bigger ears. that their grazing can prevent forest fires. that watermelons grow best by the water. that unorganic bananas are so sad they make me cry. how a pineapple grows. that each tree only produces one bunch of bananas. that it's not really a tree. how bad the side effects of pesticides can be (ie nemagon). how hearts of palm are cultivated. that onions and potatoes were excluded from cafta in costa rica. that they can all grow together.

that we eat three times a day. that i knew so little. that i`ll keep learning so much.

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